Women Are More Stressed Out By Business Travel – Guess Why?

Copyright HBR
Copyright HBR

Michael Segalla and Dominique Rouziès of HEC Paris conducted a c0ol survey about the stress of business travel and guess what – its stresses women WAY more than men. The are a number of factors they take into account such as locations, positions and so on (read the full paper here and play with a cool interactive graphic at HBR). So at The Trophy, we were wondering why that is the case and so we tried to analyse that graph a bit.

We see the biggest difference in stress levels pre trip – and if we think about our first trips the frenzy around what to pack, how to organise plant sitters (imagine organising babysitters!) drove us mad – men just pack two suits and that’s it.

Women are just lightly more stressed than men during flight – probably because they forgot their Avene hydration spray? Flying is dehydrating and never really comfortable – we get that. Segalla and   Rouziès think upgrades are a good remedy to that and we totally agree. This might also chill us out during landing.

Another big issue is at the destination – our best idea to decrease stress would be to manage the workload in advance and make some room for a massage or some general spa time – our research friends have similar ideas and think hotel upgrades would be good. So maybe we can make a compromise and say spa hotel?!

Post trip stress levels are pretty close – probably because most of the awesome business ladies worked super hard and got lots done – which totally warrants a spa day (and a promotion).

Image: HBR

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