Why Following Your Passion Is The Most Important Thing Ever


When we were kids, we had the freedom to think big. No one told us what we were good or bad at, we just followed our inner desire when deciding what we wanted to do.

When you ask a child what he/she wants to be when they grow up, their usual answers are any kind of job that requires a certain passion: fireman, musician, actor…

When growing up, parents usually advise their children to do something reasonable. Teachers tell us. Society tells us. We are directed towards doing something that seems safe. However, isn’t the truly reasonable profession the one we’re good at? And isn’t being “good” at something directly linked to having a passion for it? Shouldn’t life be about following your passion?

I think our generation’s problem is not that we have too many options, the real problem is that society and our surroundings limit us. There is no room left for finding one’s passion because the patterns of society are so sharply paved. Everyone gets pushed into the system and our childhood dream slowly but surely fades away.

So, free yourself from the boundaries of society. Free yourself from expectations. Free yourself from outside influences. Focus on what your heart beats for and follow your passion.

If you follow your passion, success will follow you.

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