Why flowers will increase your productivity and contentment

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Remember Cher Horowitz sending herself flowers in the 90’s teenage flick Clueless? Well, it is not only up to (imaginary) lovers to send a girl flowers. In 2014 we can just go and buy them ourselves.

They do not only look absolutely beautiful on our desk but, as proven by a Harvard studyflowers also increase your sense of pleasure and happiness: with flowers “people felt more compassionate towards others, had less worry and anxiety and felt less depressed”.

Just looking at a nice bouquet will make you feel better and they do smell lovely. Having a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk is a simple way to improve your contentment and, therefore, also your productivity. So, go and get yourself flowers! As a little guide, we picked out some awesome choices:



Do you not think of spring immediately when you see tulips? Seeing them growing on the sidewalk signifies that the cold and depressing winter season is over. They are a sign that the best part of the year is just around the corner, packed with the new Prada sunglasses, no more black tights and, after surviving January, more sunlight than you can remember exists. Tulips are the heralds of spring and will provoke that inner feeling of joy and happiness that we know from the first sunny days of spring all year round. Light up your office with colourful tulips and have a bit of spring fever even on grey winter days.















If you still think of carnations as old-fashioned flowers, the pictures below will definitely change your mind. Yes, carnations went a bit out of fashion, but they are having a major comeback. They come in bright and vernal colors and will definitely light up your office. If you want them to look really stylish, arrange the flowers in a bowl rather than a vase (this is what all the Parisian girls are doing right now).



Roses are the classic symbol of love, yes. However, apart from their romantic and girly look they can also be über-stylish if set in the right way (and, anyway, loving yourself is pretty important!). To avoid the romantic look, always have a bouquet and avoid leaves. Roses are a symbol of female power if they have the stage for themselves. They will give your office a sophisticated touch and inspire you every day.














The lush bloom of the hydrangea is a symbol of admiration – could there be any more powerful meaning for a floral decoration of a business lady’s desk? They come in many different colors and so every girl should be able to find the right match for her desk decorations.



Lavender has this special fragrance which is often associated with spring. It is quite understated and will give your home or office a more bohemian look.


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