Ultimate Tricks To Make A Small Apartment Look Bigger


My friend Claire is currently looking for apartments in London, and it is not pretty. Everything she can afford that is not too far from work (to avoid commuting 1.5 hours) is tiny. Looking for apartments in expensive cities like London, New York or Munich often comes with compromises on space.


If you do settle for a closet to call home, decorating it to make it look a little more spacious might be a good idea. Here are some tips:


 1. White white and white!

Hands-down, white is the best colour to make a room look bigger than it is. Chaotic pattern mixes can make a space look much smaller, so go for light and plain fabrics and colours and only set accents with patterns and brighter colours.



2. Vertical stripes

Putting some vertical stripes on a closet or creating the same effect with framed mirrors (mirrors in general are little miracle workers in terms of creating an illusion of space) can help to make your ceilings appear higher. This will help to open up the space.




































3. Clean chic

To avoid making a small place look smaller, don’t have many accessories. A tidy and clean place looks bigger than it is. Invest in pretty storage space from USM Haller in white and be very selective in what you display. This will make the space appear bigger and prettier than it actually is.




















4. Materials

When choosing interior for your apartment, try to focus on interesting materials and textures, for example concrete. It’s an up-and-coming interior trend and will definitely attract some attention (that would otherwise go to the lack of space). Blankets with textures in monochrome colours can also help to create an edgy look without taking up too much space.


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