This coffee will totally change your life!

Slow coffee

Starting off the day with a good, hot coffee gets me moving in the morning. Without a coffee in the morning my brain will stay on stand-by mode all day. I really, really need this psychoactive substance to get me going. This morning I was running late for a meeting – not exactly my favourite start to a workday. Laptop on my knees, phone on my ear (trying to reach out to my colleague to inform her about my delay) and my concealer in the other hand, trying to hide my dark circles caused by too many late nights, I found myself on the metro. I didn’t have the time to have a coffee at home and I had to rush straight into a meeting when I got to  the office. I only had one choice: getting a coffee to go at that shabby Starbucks knock-off on the way.

Does this sound familiar to you? This is not the kind of start that leads to a successful day. We already have enough stress, dealing with heavy workloads and deadlines. So, how can you start your day off in a way that will give you enough power to face the challenges ahead? With a cup of slow coffee!

Setting an alarm a few minutes before your actual wake-up time is now more than worth it. This coffee will totally change your life. Slow coffee takes time to make but the taste and the flavour are so both intense and good, that every minute waiting is worth it. It is totally a back-to-the-roots trend and the preparation process is similar to the old-school methods of filtering by hand.

How to make slow coffee:

    1. Brew 150ml water per cup up to 90* C.
    2. While brewing water: open a slow coffee filter into a cone, one side should have three layers, one layer on the other side. Place the filter in the coffeemaker.
    3. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, place one rounded tablespoon of freshly ground coffee per cup (or a bit more if you want the coffee stronger) into the filter. Use high quality regular or aromatic or grind coffee.
    4. Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds to wet them without floating. This step will allow the bloom.
    5. Now pour more and more water, soaking the grounds each time. Once the desired amount of coffee is brewed take the filter out of the Glass Coffeemaker.

Making a cup of slow coffee takes you around 10 minutes. And those 10 minutes are totally worth it. Take your precious time, relax and start your day off calm with a cup of slow coffee, the NYT app and a carefree mind before heading to work.

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