The Classics: White Shirts


The holy trinity of white shirts: a classic cotton shirt, a silk shirt, and a shirt with a special cut or detail. Have those three in your closet and you will be able to style any look from serious to more funny business. While many think white shirts a boring basic, it is definitely worth investing in some for your wardrobe as you will probably live in them. Quality is obviously a deciding factor, but these classics can still be exciting and are some of the most versatile pieces in every closet. No wonder they have been around forever, mostly as a status symbol of aristocracy in the middle ages (wonder if the damsels back then stole them for a cool boyfriend look?) but it was not until the 19th century that women started wearing them. Nowadays, women wear white shirts for interviews, dinner parties, to meet the in-laws and, of course, in bed after stealing it from the boyfriend. So having the three classic forms of a white shirt will be essential to dress well for any possible occasion.
A classic crisp white cotton shirt, maybe even button down, will show the world that you are down-to-earth, tackling your challenges and not afraid to work. It gives you a clean cut, strong, more masculine look. The off-duty style is perfected pairing it with hot pants, Birkenstocks and lots of sun.


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Classic and feminine white silk shirts are something that pile up in most of our wardrobes, and for a reason! They can be styled with virtually anything and will make you look sophisticated. Make sure to purchase higher-quality and thicker silk so the shirt will last longer and not be see-through. When paired with a printed skirt and some statement jewellery, silk blouses are also great when styling for a dinner party or cocktails.


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While many careers demand a certain uniform, some let you have more fun with fashion (and there is always casual Friday). Maybe with a special collar, some layering or pleats, more daring shirts should definitely be in your work wardrobe, as long as they don’t show too much or undermine your brilliance.


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