The Big Workwear Guide For Beginners – Part 4


4: The perfect accessories

After you have selected your clothes, think about accessories! There are so many bases to cover, from jewellery to bags and leather goods to scarves. Again, you might already possess many of these things.



One pair of black leather/suede pumps is a must and, depending on your shoe fetish, add: a pair of Oxfords, a pair of loafers, some more pumps in other colours, and some chic winter boots. All of these should be relatively minimalistic and in more neutral colours. Class and quality are the keywords. It is not cool to wear dirty or worn-out shoes ever. Even at Google. You have to look like you’re able to take care of yourself, or no one will believe that you can take care of anything else.

Via Kurt Geiger

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Many of us love to indulge in owning lots of bags but for your job you really only need one. It should be big enough to carry a laptop and anything else that is absolutely necessary (so probably everything). Pair it with a good wallet and invest in something you can really use everyday. Then buy lots of feathered and glittery clutches for your nights out! Ha!

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For a personal touch, add some of the jewellery you love. As long as it is not head piece or giant feather ear cuff, anything is possible. However, make sure you buy quality products that don’t change their (or your) colour or look horribly cheap.

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