The Big Workwear Guide for Beginners – Part 3: Basics


Next to the suits you probably won’t wear on Sundays, your wardrobe will likely change. Classic and high-quality basics are going to become more and more important. When you spend five days a week with the part of your closet that is more grown up and less Coachella fringe, this will automatically become what you spend on. Remember that you don’t have to buy everything at once and you also don’t have to wear only expensive brands – you are supposed to MAKE money with a job, not lose it. However, you will likely discover a new side of you and want to dress accordingly (for good summer coats look here)

 Part 1: Suits

Part 2: Shirts

Part 3: The right basics

After the suits and the shirts, neutral coloured (black, navy, grey, beige, white) jumpers, dresses and skirts (maybe even with prints) as well as dark jeans with NO washing that don’t look too casual are the next most important things. You probably already have a lot of these things, so make sure to mentally put them in a work wear category. If you lack some, COS is great for these kinds of basics. Depending on how casual your company is, these will get you through the entire week paired with a blazer, or just lighten up your Friday.

We also want to highlight that one good winter coat and one trench (or similar) might come in handy. If having both is over your budget, decide which one is more necessary.


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