The Big Workwear Guide For Beginners – Part 2: Shirts


Starting a job is a big and scary thing. In our Workwear Guide for Beginners we try to give you some help on what the essentials are. While we won’t judge if you spend your entire first salary on a Prada, we think getting down the basics beforehand is important – you will want to make a good, professional expression after all.


Step 2: The best shirts for everything

Shirts are the best item in your work wardrobe. You can wear them with a suit or just with jeans and always look professional (maybe not so much if there are kittens on it, but who are we to judge). We really cannot emphasise the importance of a good shirt enough. It gives you everything you need without any fear of looking like a corporate slave. It is best to buy some silk ones in various colours from the high street (careful, Zara’s white blouses are usually really see-through) and one or two with some details. Anything between five and ten is OK, depending on how often you want to see your dry cleaner.

See our Article on White Shirts for our THE CLASSICS series here.


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Via Reiss


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Via Reiss


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Via Acne Studios


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Via Ganni

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