The Big Workwear Guide For Beginners – Part 1


One of the best moments in a student’s life: the joy that follows the phone call that changes everything, drinking champagne and celebrating with your friends when you land your first real job in the big corporate world.

Depending on how far in advance you get an offer, you should start saving because the chunky uni sweater or those comfy leggings will no longer be an option. Neither will your Northface backpack, even if you can fit ALL your books in. Starting a job means starting a real adult life with responsibilities and bills, and also with the look that comes with it. As a student it was still alright to wear worn-out boots, ripped jeans or lots of jewellery. You could basically wear anything you wanted. As an employee, this is no longer the case. Because transitions are hard and we are obsessed with shopping anyway, here is our big guide to everything you will need when starting a new job.


Step 1: The essential suits

Now, stalk everyone at your company, remember what your interviewers were wearing, and maybe even ask someone in HR if you are uncertain. This will help determine the number of suits/outfits you will need. If you are going to work in banking or consulting, stay on the completely formal side; however, even if you are going into advertising or something more casual, I would still suggest investing in one or two suits. They will make you feel stronger when giving presentations or going to important meetings. They can also be worn separately to give you a bit of everyday power. People in suits are just taken more seriously.

You will not need any more than four combinations for the beginning. Stick to darker tones like navy or anthracite, and maybe invest in one lighter grey if you start in the summer. Buy fancy stuff with florals or patterns after your first paycheck. Theory, Helmut Lang, Reiss and Stefanel have nice suits, and even Sandro sometimes has one or two good ones.


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