The “3 Bs” Every Career Girl Needs After A Stressful Day


Sometimes after an extremely stressful day at work, we just need to lock ourselves in our apartment and not see or talk to anyone until the next day. The only thing that helps after these days are the the 3 Bs: Barolo, Beauty, Books.

Taking a bath (or a long, hot shower) is the first thing to free your head from thoughts and sorrows. Having a glass of your favourite wine, lighting up a scented candle while reading a novel in the bath and listening to Rodriguez’s Searching for Sugarman soundtrack will be a true timeout for yourself. Falling into bed with a romantic novel, another glass of wine and some stress relieving serum is another perfect way to give a stressful day a relaxing end.

Check out our favourite products for a sweet treat after a stressful day:



Mandi Lulur Bath Foam by Rituals: This limited summer edition is refreshing and will leave your skin softer than it ever has been before. Enjoying a bath while getting your skin ready for summer is just perfect. Get it here.
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Mandi Lulur Scented Candle by Rituals: Along with the Bath Foam, the scented candle with its fragrance of an exotic flower and the soft, relaxing undertones of Rice Milk give this scented candle a very refreshing, yet not too heavy, aroma. Get it here.

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Tao Mei Dao Body Cream: This rich and nourishing body cream is a great treat to make your skin feel silky soft. It combines the gentle fragrance of White Lotus with the nourishing properties of Yi Yi Ren, traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Get it here.

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Tao Qi Relaxing Serum: This is a light cream that cools and relaxes to relieve stress or tiredness. A must-have for stress relief after work and when travelling, and very handy to keep with you every day. Get it here.

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Barolo wine, from the region of Piedmont, is with a doubt one of the best Italian wines. You should always have a good bottle of Barolo at home so you can enjoy a glass after a long day at work. Treating yourself with a glass of wine is probably the best thing ever.



Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, Leandra Medine: How can you not love Leandras sassy and humorous style of writing? Her book is the story of her life, partly about her path of becoming a blogger, but mainly about struggles every mid-twenty faces. Get ready to have some good LOL’s! Get it here.









Half of a Yellow Sun, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Celebrated and award winning author Chimamanda illuminates a moment in modern African history. Half of a Yellow Sun plays in Nigeria during the late 1960s, portraying five characters from different backgrounds and with individual stories. The novel is about promise, hope, disappointment and the Biafran war. Get it here.








A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, David Foster Wallace: David is better known for his fiction, but his nonfiction is also excellent. This book is a collection of seven essays and arguments in which he brings together stories – ranging from TV to tennis, from postmodern literary theory to the joy of travelling – with the style of writing he is famous for. His hilarious account of a Caribbean cruise is what gives this fun and diverse read its title. Get it here.

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