Stylish Airbnb Apartments In Asia’s Hottest Travel Destinations


Dig out your weekender, throw a few clothes in there, take your best friend and spontaneously spend a weekend away from home. Stretch your mind with new experiences, enjoy yourselves for a few days and don’t think about anything job related. If you are based in Asia, here are the hot spots for a perfect weekend getaway:

(Obviously a spontaneous trip to the other side of the world is not realistic, but we also have the hottest travel destinations for Europe!)



This might surprise you, but the old capital of Kazakhstan is a beautiful destination and worth a visit. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, which contrast with the results of the economic boom within the city. More and more luxury brands are opening stores and pumping millions into brand development. Almaty is growing into a hot destination in Central Asia that you shouldn’t miss out on!



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Taipei truly never sleeps and has transformed itself into a ultra-modern city over the past decade. High-tech company headquarters stand next to bustling retail centers and vibrant nightlife. Taiwan’s capital is a true insider tip. It is not as busy and stressful as other Asian megacities, yet still has a great variety of culture waiting to be discovered. Many green areas around the city and options to go hiking in the outskirts make this a fantastic place to refill your batteries.

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Vietnam is a beautiful country, and the pearl of the south is Hoh Chi Minh City – a destination for backpackers, business travellers and leisure guests, as it has everything to offer. It is a city of many faces: the chic shopping area, Louis Vuitton next to Prada that gives you the feeling of strolling around Paris, backpackers getting drunk on Pham Ngu Lao Road, and business people enjoying their after work drinks in one of the posh rooftop bars. If you want to explore the Vietnamese culture, hit one of the street markets at night and eat your way through the local food at the different stands. If you are up for a posh dining experience, go to one of the outstanding restaurants the city has to offer.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a stressful city and you might wonder how this melting pot can be on the list of weekend getaways? Well, if you experience it the right way you will understand! Well, Hong Kong can be super stressful, overwhelming and prescriptive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are certain neighborhoods marked by individual galleries, vegan cafes and small eateries. If you want to experience a different side Hong Kong off the tracks, explore the neighborhoods Sheung Wan and Midlands. Stroll around flea markets with locals, have a traditional tea time and find the small neighborhood bar at the end of a hidden alley. Go shopping at a boutique, where all clothes are handmade and have a chat with the designer, and then have lunch at a fantastic vegan restaurant. Now that’s a Hong Kong experience you wouldn’t have expected, right?

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