Style Icon: The Olsen Twins


If I had to pick my style icon, without a doubt it would be the Olsen twins. I have always admired them for their style. MKA always look powerful, classy, sometimes sophisticated. Sometimes their outfits says: I-don’t-care-today, at other times they say: kneel down, for we are your new queens. I like their attitude of playing around with fashion, whilst always following the same style for many years. It includes understated luxury pieces layered and paired with low-key jewellery, eccentric shoes and some beachy hair.

Most of you will probably not immediately think of business looks when thinking of the Olsen twins but they do also know how to dress like business ladies (they only became media moguls at the tender age of 11 weeks and are designing The Row).

Check out our favourite Olsen twins business outfits:

Images: Pinterest


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