Movies About Crazy Killers


You probably ask yourself why the hell this is on The Trophy. A list about crazy killers is not particularly girly and whether these guys are ambitious or not – we kind of don’t see them as a role models either. There are however a couple of reasons why we made that list:


  1. They include no love at all and some of us at Trophy HQ are not really in the mood for anything with a happy end anyways. These movies are totally watchable when getting over something or someone
  2. They are totally entertaining – while we are not so much into graphic splatter movies – a little chill down your spine now and then is more than welcome
  3. They might be good common ground for a date – (in case you are done with point 1)

So here is our list in no particular order that spans over a couple of decades and genres:


  1. Monster

While we were no fans of that fad that actresses had to get ugly in order to get an Oscar, Charlize plays her role of the monstrous Aileen Wuornos stunningly well. While Aileen is a crazy killer lady during her nights as a prostitute, she remains fragile and caring during her days with partner Selby Wall (Christina Ricci).


  1. Frailty

Matthew McConaughey has long proven that he can do much more than romcom beau. Frailty is a twisted movie about two brothers, insanity, god and other dark stuff. Pretty unknown but totally watchable!


  1. Frozen Ground

Vanessa Hudgens plays her role of young prostitute Cindy well but the true surprise is Nicolas Cage, after all the bad movies he did we kind of forgot that he could actually act. This movie is based on a true story, which makes it extra crrepy.



  1. Silence of the Lambs

We debated whether or not to put this on here – it is kind of a classic though.  Clarice Starling is ever so innocent with her expensive bag and cheap shoes. This is an awesome movie and the only Hannibal Lecter one that is truly awesome (maybe apart from Mads in the Hannibal series)


  1. All the Good Things

The Jinx is a crazy awesome documentary about Bob Durst, a NYC millionaire who allegedly killed his wife Kathy and some other people. The movie adaptation with Ryan gosling and Kirsten Dunst has a good grip on this sad story of a young girl who realized that her prince charming is not what he seems.


  1. The Heathers

Shoulder pads and a lust for blood are everything you need.


  1. Death Proof

Bundled girlpower, good music and the Italian Vogue – Death Proof is an ode to strong girls and friendship. Totally perfect for running in the back of your pre-drinks. The OST is the true star, as always with Tarantino.



Arrogant teenage movie nerds get killed one by one and Sidney is a not-so-stupid final girl


  1. Taxi Driver

So this movie is technically about a crazy serial killer, but is also just awesome by itself.



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