Hunting For A Job? Consider These Apps!


Who doesn’t hate the process of finding a job? Endless nights of doing research for vacancies, days spent putting together the perfect CV and deliberating over every single word, struggling to find right tone for the cover letter. Thank god there is an app to help you with this (just like there is a “how-to-solve-a-certain-problem-video” for every challenge in life you might face on YouTube). Let us introduce you to the latest trends from the App-Store:


Poacht –

Poacht is a young company helping employers “cherry-pick the best, most qualified free-agent candidates who are currently employed at other companies.” They developed an algorithm that helps to sort, rank and match the candidates with open positions on the platform. If the algorithm finds a suitable match, people can connect via LinkedIn.











Craft –

Craft is a free, open information platform mapping the Innovation Economy. Craft encourages job seekers to scan companies before applying by providing data on sectors, teams, people, open positions as well as growth potential, leadership and social responsibility. The idea is to provide the user with enough information to get a complete picture of the company before deciding whether or not to even apply.










Switch –

The NYC-based startup applies a super successful model to job hunting: tinder. You post a profile and can easily swipe through job vacancies of different companies. Just like Tinder, a swipe right is a YES, a swipe left is a NO. For those who get a yes, the opportunity to connect via LinkedIn will be offered. Good news for those of you who have a job and desire a change: Switch keeps your job search confidential.


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