How to run meetings like a #girlboss

Who doesn’t know the frustration of meetings that are as endless as they are pointless? Boring monologues are topped by fuzzy outcomes no one is able to remember and sometimes there is not even free coffee and cookies.
The guys and girls over at HBR compiled a list that makes all the difference and you will suddenly become the queen of super efficient and effective meetings.

1. Have a clear agenda and distribute it
Knowing what the actual point of a meeting is, what you want to get out of it and what you need to cover in order to get there is fundamental. Pay attention to your objectives when drafting an agenda and give people some time in advance to prepare. This will also mean that they won’t have any excuses to not work with you!

2. Only invite people you actually need to be there
Big meetings invite people to just daydream and not feel responsible. Everything over 7 people is generally seen as too much. However, if anyone of those doesn’t show cold call them and create a habit for not having people being able to skip your meetings. Your projects are important and simply not showing is not OK.

3. Update via email
Only inviting people you need often creates the problem of keeping lots of others in the loop. Rather than inviting all stakeholders, send them an email update afterwards. They will thank you for not imprisoning them in boring meetings on Friday afternoon.

4. Ban devices
This is obviously a tricky one, who wants to tell their boss to not use their phone. However, people usually overestimate their ability to multi-task and devices will actually cost you too much time and attention. A good solution might be stand up meetings – that way people are also quicker and more engaged.

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