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repair makeup

The other day, I was running pretty late for work and dropped my favourite Givenchy eyeshadow. It was the icing to my monday morning blues and I sat on the bathroom floor for a solid five minutes, sobbing, trying to rescue my make up, cursing and blaming God, work, alarm clocks, myself.

Broken makeup is just annoying. So I started looking for tips from my favourite Youtube beauty gurus and was not disappointed. Dry mascara, broken eyeshadow, fractured lipstick or dry nail polish CAN be fixed! Not to spoil anything, but heating stuff works wonders. Check out our first aid list and you’ll never have to throw makeup away again.


Broken eyeshadow/ powder
Your miracle cure: alcohol. Buy pure alcohol at a pharmacy, crush all of the eyeshadow and pour the alcohol into the eyeshadow box until it becomes a creamy texture. Wait until it drys and your favourite eyeshadow is now re-usable. Very simple but very effective!


Dry nail polish
We have 2 tricks for dry nail polish: (1) Heat the dry nail polish bottle with either a hair dryer or by placing it into some warm bathwater. (2) If that doesn’t help; place 1-2 drops of nail polish remover into the nail polish bottle and shake it thoroughly. Be careful not to use too much nail polish remover, otherwise your polish will not cover any more.


Dry mascara
Clumps of mascara in your lash line look very unkempt. The same heat trick used for the dry nail polish also works wonders with your dry mascara: Leave your mascara in some warm bathwater for 5-7 minutes. The heat will break the lumps.


Fractured lipstick
Breaking newly purchased lipstick is probably one of the worst things that can happen. Whoever has experienced this knows exactly what I’m talking about. No reason to be frustrated anymore, girls! Heat up both ends of the fractured lipstick with a hair dryer and stick them back together. Leave the lipstick in the fridge for a couple of minutes to cool down afterwards.


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