#girlpower: Sarah Gress, Channeling Medium, Healer and Light Shaman

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Think of the flowing Qi as an energy dance

that whirls us out of the dark.

Imagine Hänsel and Gretel still lost in the forest, maybe the city jungle that is still dark and dangerous at times. Imagine the witch is called anxiety, despair and fear and sneaks up on us from behind to lock us into a cage, where we slowly await our death sentence. A horrible thought. But let’s say that’s how fear navigates and controls and sometimes even kills us. In short, often we’re stuck. So, how do we break free?

With each passing moment,
a Soul sets off to find itself.

In times where one is constantly occupied with finding quick solutions to any problem but fails in the approach, more individuals are curious enough to seek different solutions. Humans of the modern world have many problems, some call it luxury problems, and I’d simply call it problems of the NOW. They exist and shouldn’t be undermined. To not get fully sucked into the spiral staircase of the second “digital” life and become controlled by it, some smart fellows simply step away from digital devices or regularly switch off to rejoin and celebrate the silence. Steve Jobs children for instance where not allowed to use iPads. In a Sunday article, New York Times reporter Nick Bilton said he once assumingly asked Jobs, “So your kids must love the iPad?” Jobs responded: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Jobs knew about the stress hormone and how it affects body and mind. On first hand experience he knew the dangers that technology pose to your system, also his very own.

But let’s stay realistic. Most people in modern worlds use laptops and tablets and kids do too. But there is no glory without a shadow. The fast pace of modern life takes its toll on us. We are addicts and hectic. Everything now is not the answer. It makes us ill. And because of that more and more people are opening up to other options, to hopefully find a better, more effective and long-term solution to convey or prolong a healthy life style. Many start in their mid 30s when addictions have manifested and damages occur in body and mind. The trend shows that the younger ones show a greater interest too. Older people tend to be wiser per se; they are more critical of technology and tend to live healthier. The teenage years and the 20s are usually known for their high times, often followed by the unexpected lows in their 30s and 40s. Things perhaps didn’t turn out quite as hoped or expected. Personal illness, shattered relationships, family illness or death, job loss: a feeling of worthy less creeps in. Frustration often enough results in a deep crisis.

A crisis, like any wound, if not treated respectfully and thoroughly will manifest into an illness.

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We tend to treat a visible wound until it disappears. The inner “soul” wounds however are often neglected, pushed away and hardly receive the attention and treatment they need to heal properly. Soul pain is camouflaged and covered up. Many leave it until very late, often until the open wound has been infected. The result varies in its form: depression, neurosis, mental illness, ulcers or cancers of all sorts come on shore. If we only could pay close attention to our wounds and needs, our lives would perhaps be sunnier.

There is always a crack where the light shines through.

Gretchen found her crack through the cage and smacked the witch on the back. The old crow stumbled, fell and died. The scared but brave and empowered children escaped and where embraced by their loving father. The answer to success seems to be inner and outer strength and love. Self love foremost. If you strengthen yourself and love yourself enough, you can deal with any ape shit and even grow wings or claws, depending on what you need. In other words, when you value yourself and treat yourself good, you minimize the chance of making your body weak or in illness terms sour (acidic). Remember, the acidic body lays the foundation for many illnesses. That is a proven fact and ought to be explored further by anyone who plans to live healthy and happily.

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Burnouts, ulcers, migraines, allergies and cancer can turn our days and nights into living hell. There is hardly anyone who at some point in his or her lives is not affected by it in one way or another. Especially chronic illnesses have led to a massive boom in the pharmaceutical industry. For every problem there appears to be a quick fix. Sometimes a fix is necessary and to some absolutely life saving. But often there are better and more thorough ways to deal with health problems. When feeling unwell sometimes it is best to stand still for a moment and do your homework first: Where you are at this point in your life? Are you feeling good or mostly sad? Are you eating well? Are you exercising enough? Are you overweight? Are you not eating enough or perhaps the wrong food? Are you strong enough to battle each and every day with all its obstacles? Combining old wisdom with modern techniques seems to be an interesting approach to strengthen the human body and mind. Use the old medicine and make use of the modern options too! Millions out there agree that the best way to treat an illness is to first find and treat the cause of it and not the Symptom. That’s why some practice Yoga or Tai Chi before the backache even occurs. You’ll have the biggest chance to erase any acid ravers trying to plug onto your weak or sour body parts, the perfect soil for bad turmoil. If there is no energy blockage, energy or what the Chinese call the ‘Qi’ flows naturally and no illness can attach itself. That’s very old knowledge. And apparently, it works.


But what if it’s all too confusing and impossible to decide what’s best?

Agreeable, old methods don’t work overnight. They tend to work in a slower pace and over longer periods. The methods are perhaps less rational. Maybe alternative medicine feels a little weird to some hard liners. But why not give it a go? The health insurance industry in Europe unfortunately doesn’t cover much of the alternative treatments. Why? Well, they simply rely on ill people – that’s how they survive. This is surely the case in most countries – One World, one problem. If you don’t seek medicine, the pharma industry has nothing to gain and will need to rethink. It’s simple mathematics. But of course it’s good and important that we have the option for receiving hospital treatments especially for serious illness, birth, surgery etc. But many health issues can be dealt with in prevention. The Chinese for instance they gather on the street and dance or exercise because they can’t afford the hospital bills. General deterrence is the keyword. Many of us are simply too lazy to consider this option. Luckily there are “post” treatments that reach deep under the skin and not only treats the symptoms but the cause of it.

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Remember that stress related illnesses are the number one killers to look out for. Amongst those therapeutically methods is homeopathy, the Bowen treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and the healing work.


I am personally a fan of all of them because they worked miracles on me. Admittedly for the healing work, I used to be a little skeptical until many years ago; I met my Swiss-Bangladeshi Tantra healer down in Sea Point, Cape Town, whilst walking my dog. Incredible how he felt, that my stomach was in pain. All I needed was a basic session to get rid of months and months of stomach pain that was caused by fear. They had broken into my flat, a woman was murdered down the road and I once got into the wrong minicab that turned into a very displeasing journey. The fact that I was sensitive because I had been the victim of an attack a few years earlier in London had played a role, too. I felt strong through my martial arts but still too vulnerable inside. I never dealt with that and fear made my body acidic.

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Years later, going through a divorce, job changes and moving to the countryside had paid its toll on me once again. This is when I met Sarah Gress again, whom I haven’t been in touch with for years. Sarah has discovered that she has the power to work as a healer and a light shaman. She has been instructed in Mexico and also travels back to further her studies. We are currently undergoing a few sessions that work incredibly well; I must admit. It’s incredibly rooting. Ancient skulls and crystals aid her in her work, depending what is good for the patient. She uses her own energy to help unblock the flow of the Qi so that it can flow naturally again. In her first session, she scans you to find out what type of person you are, what to eat and how to find the best answers for your day-to-day problems. She even has psychologists amongst her patience, that says it all, I believe. Most of all she gives empathy and love as a foundation that makes one open up to her. Only when you ask for help it will be given.

In our little video portrait you will meet Sarah and get a taste of her ‘smudging’ me. One can visit her in Cologne, sometimes in Switzerland and in Berlin. She currently does trips to energetic places and you can still book a spot with her. She does workshops only but aims to also teach people at some point. She will be traveling to the South of France in September and Mexico in October, which will be a spiritual journey into the land of the Maya in Yucatan.

More info’s on: http://sarahgress.com/


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