#girlpower: Artist Duo SAMANIA – Samira And Ania


These girls have power! Together, the artist duo “SAMANIA” (a combination of their names Ania and Samira) have a unique skill set: Ania is a performing artist and choreographer, and Samira is a model (signed with Wilhelmina Models). Besides this, they both have masters degrees from London School of Economics in Gender, Policy and Inequalities (Ania) and Gender, Media and Culture (Samira).


They combine their mixture of education and talents in a unique and outstanding way, which can be seen in their first project. They have been featured by Huffington Post and the International Museum of Women, to name two. Their first project “cloth” went viral.


Not much of a surprise, these two power girls have a couple of new projects in the pipeline. One of them is an American independent film called “Enigma of Being Awake“. The director is the talented Emmeline Kim, another powergirl from the US. Emmeline interviewed Samira and Ania in LA and we are thrilled to share the video with you, introducing SAMANIA:

See more projects here.


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