#girlpower: Sabine And Beate From AmpliTrain Revolutionizing A Male-Dominated Industry

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#girlpower: Sabine and Beate from AmpliTrain revolutionizing a male-dominated industry


It’s no big news that The Trophy Girls love power women. Sharing that love was the main reason to launch the #girlpower series, that has not been there from day one. As your feedback has been very positive we decided to give power girls more space and profile women from different fields as an inspiration and source of information for you. We found two girls we admire and we are happy we got the chance to interview them despite their busy schedule.

Sabine and Beate are two power girls in their 40’s who have redefined the man-dominated fitness industry. With their company AmpliTrain they have found a niche that developed into a company with a yearly growth of 50% and an annual revenue of 3.5 millions Euros. Their fitness device helps you train every part of the body at once with electronic muscle stimulation. Yup, here is some serious #girlpower going on.


The Trophy Girls: So what is the deal with you revolutionizing the fitness industry?

Sabine & Beate: Well, our product AmpliTrain is not only suitable for successful fitness training, but also a medical device. Also, the electricity we use is different to other devices. AmpliTrain works with modulate medium frequency, which have effect directly at the muscle cell.


The Trophy Girls: When did you guys start working together?

Sabine & Beate: It´s been a couple of years… we work together since 2010, however we met in 2005 in Cologne.


The Trophy Girls: How did you come up with the idea?

Beate: I have worked in the fitness industry since I entered the workforce and spend a lot of time doing research on how electricity affects your muscles. I had the idea but just couldn’t find anyone who had the suitable knowledge to be my co-founder. I guess the entire idea was a classic finding-a-niche-and-creating-a-solution thing.

Sabine: I had worked in different industries as a general manager and I guess with her industry knowledge and my business background we matched just perfect to make it happen.


The Trophy Girls: Today your company is super successful but being an entrepreneur is not always easy. What have been challenges you faced along the way?

Sabine & Beate: However great you match as team knowledge wise, there will still be many fields where you´ll need people to help you. We were very lucky we had people supporting us. Sometime, nevertheless, you will also need money. We got the “KfW-Förderung” from our bank, which was 75k and helped a lot. We managed to pay it back very prompt because we also had the dash of luck that every entrepreneur needs.


The Trophy Girls: Is there anything you would do different today?

Sabine & Beate: The watchdog of the industry sued us because we have not been careful enough with phrasing advertisement slogans. That was definitely something we would be more careful about today, as we had to pay them money that we could have invested way smarter.



Interview by: Frank Schlageter


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