#girlpower: Model, Actress And Interior Stylist Doreen Schumacher


Doreen Schumacher is not only super hot, she is also super smart. She is a model, actress, and interior stylist. She has worked with brands such as REPLAY and is represented by IZAIO Management in Berlin. We met the powergirl for an interview in Berlin and certainly got absorbed by her intelligence, kindness and, we have to admit, by her beauty.




You are an actress, interior stylist, and a model. When did you get into those different fields?  

I actually studied architecture and that is my main qualification. However, right after I finished studying I got into interior design. Nowadays I am a bit more into art pieces in general, for example installations. I still do a lot of interior, though. I also do all the styling for the Westwing campaigns.

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I started modeling 10 years ago when IZAIO Models, whom I am still with, signed me. A lot of the work I do is commercial, mainly TV. That is also how I discovered my passion for TV and rolling camera. Today, when it comes to acting, I mainly do short films and TV ads, but I would love to do more movies!


Doreen was the actress in the well known Coca Cola Germany TV ad, starring Manuel Neuer, famous German soccer player:

What do you love most about each of your different jobs?

I am a creative mind and I enjoy the interaction and influence of the different fields on each other, it is a constant inspiration!

The upside of the model business is definitely the travelling. You get to see so all those beautiful places around the world. Also, you have a bunch of really cool photos you can one day show your kids and tell them “that’s your mum!” (giggles)

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Acting allows me to be more than “just a pretty face”. You jump into different roles and explore yourself, which I enjoy. Interior design is great, because I like to work with my hands and in this field I can express all influences.


What are the downsides of the different industries?

Well, as a model you are a mannequin, and sometimes you get treated like it. I once got booked by an Indian client for a shooting in Cape Town and not only did they have to change all the clothes because I was too tall, they also ended up photoshopping my forehead because it was “too big” for the Indian market.

In the field of architecture it is a challenge to get, keep and satisfy clients. That is a constant struggle and downside.

At the end of the day, your bills have to be paid somehow, and none of the industries are easy. I always wanted to be self-employed and own my own business. But along the way I realised how tough it can be, especially if you have employees. Before you pay yourself, you pay them. Also, being a self-employed woman is challenging, you constantly have to prove yourself – more than men, I feel. The combination of my different jobs is great, I get to be creative (what I love most) and they balance each other out.


You have worked as a model with big brands such as REPLAY already. Is there one brand you dream about working with?

I’d love to shoot an Acne campaign. Or a big Nivea commercial!

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How do you keep fit mentally and physically?

I surround myself with people I can depend and rely on. People that help me overcome hard times and when I lose the ground under my feet. I used to go to do Crossfit twice a week, but I am a bit lazy these days (giggles).


What is your definition of success?

Being happy with where you are and what you are doing.


What is your favourite place to recharge batteries and relax?

At my boyfriend’s parents farm just outside of Munich, overlooking the mountains.


What is your power outfit?

My Karen Western suit in light gray. It is Japanese-style oversize and I wear it with a shirt and heels. Heels make you taller and more confident; you have a different walk in them.

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Talking to a professional: what is the biggest upcoming interior trend?

The upcoming interior trend is the transformation of old classics. Up until now there was a big trend around pastel and light colors. It’s shifting towards “Memphis group” colours. Memphis group is an Italian group who are known for their colourful symbolic furniture style. Their style is very eccentric but it is coming back into trend as interior designers include highlights of colour; for example, with one big red mirror or a ocean-blue shelf. The “all-white with wooden structures” trend is slowly but surely over – embrace some colour, girls!



Thank you Doreen and IZAIO Management.

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