#Girlpower: Julia Quante, Stylist And Fashion Journalist

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Only in her mid-twenties, this girl has already made it far. With a background in Fashion Journalism and Media Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-13 um 11.32.46Communication she took the step of being a freelancer in this competitive industry. No guts, no glory – and it was worth it. Only four years after graduating from uni, she has build up a presentable portfolio. She counts aboutyou.de and Axel Springer among her styling clients and has contributed to ELLE, GQ, Indie and Marie Claire. Fashion journalism and styling are two that many girls dream about. We met Julia to chat about the industry and her job over a cup of coffee.



Fashion journalism and styling is a highly competitive market. What have been the main reasons you decided to study fashion journalism?

My heart has always beat for the industry, however I didn’t take the straight way. Influenced by family and friends, I decided to do something “reasonable” and started studying International Management. I was never really happy doing it and quit after three semesters to follow what I wanted to do since I was a kid. I applied at AMD, Berlin, and started studying Fashion Journalism and Media Communication.

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How did you manage to stand out in the market and land such impressive jobs?

I work 24/7, that’s for sure. Work comes first. Also, I am very ambitious and curious. During my studies I tried to gain as much practical experience any way possible. Of course a lot of jobs were not paid well, but I didn’t care. I think taking one more step than anyone else is very important and will get you ahead.


What are your power-skills that brought you to where you are today?

Ambition, tidiness/structure, photographic memory.

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What should girls who dream about working in your field be aware of?

Competition! And a lot of unpaid jobs at the beginning. The industry is super competitive and when you’re successful, not everyone will be happy for you. The downside can be a lot of negative talking behind your back. My main credo has always been “you always meet twice”, I always tried to not get involved in all that negativity.


What advice would you tell your 20-year-old self?  

DO NOT STUDY BUSINESS! (giggles). But I guess it was good for something in the end?

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What is the best career advice you ever got?

“There is no such thing as impossible”, is a phrase my sport teacher said. If something is impossible, you do not want it enough. Also, my godmother, an inspiring woman, always said “if you want to do it, find a way. Don’t annoy people with your sorrows. Just give it a try and you’ll see.”


Who is your idol (personal/ professional)?

My godmother is a role model to me, both personal and professional. Within the fashion industry I admire Carine Roitfeld, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris. Her path is super interesting and different and she is mother of two, besides that stressful job!

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What is your power outfit?

Black! Also at work I like comfy outfits, as a stylist you sometimes find yourself crawling along the floor to shorten a dress. In general, I almost always wear high heels. I like how your posture is different in heels, somewhat more elegant and sophisticated.


What is the investment piece you are saving for?

I’d love to open up an Italian restaurant one day…


What inspires you?

The people around me. Architecture and photography. However I do not look for inspiration, I rather encounter it.


Talking to an expert: what is the secret summer trend of 2015?

By summer, everyone should own flared pants! Oh and a seventies style leather jacket. Get your hippie look out, girls!

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What is your biggest trophy?

Back in the days, while I was just in high school (16 years old), a friend gave me the Tush magazine, which had just been launched back then. I loved it and always dream about being featured in it. Mainly the Tush was the reason I wanted to study fashion journalism. Last year a picture of me sitting next to their special editor “Tushette” at the Lena Hoschek show at Berlin Fashion Week was published in the Tush. I have not been in Tush for my work yet, but I’m getting closer 😉


Find out more about Julia here.


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