#girlpower: Joséphine From ARTE


Joséphine is one of the coolest girls to know: she worked for Axel Springer in Berlin and for ARTE in Paris next to countless other stints and still manages to keep her nonchalant Parisian vibe going! She is a kick-ass ballerina, has a super cool style and is the cutest know-it-all you’ll ever meet. Still very much at the beginning of her career, she is definitely a girl to watch as we are sure that she is going to end up somewhere amazing!


Who are you?

A young Parisian woman, born in Annecy – near the Alps- and eager to do great things. A 24 year-old, chatty and curious urbanite, passionate about media, digital world,  who loves putting the rights to the world with her friends while dinning out.

Freshly graduated from an engineering school after two years of literary studies, I now work for the Franco-German TV channel ARTE, as chargé de mission (special adviser) for the Presidency office.


Who will you be in five years?

A more experienced and still as enthusiast active person in her thirties, demanding as for her future, feeding her entrepreneurial spirit and hopefully investing in a position of duty in some prospective and challenging line of business linked to cultural industries. I would like to say also a radiant, opened-out woman, fulfilled in her personal life.


What did you do in the past five years?

Trying to find my way amongst the several I had in front of me while studying. I am indeed just beginning feeling more confident about my career and educational choices, but the past five years were quite disorderly – but upon reflection, fruitful! Otherwise, enjoying my life in Paris, that is to say exploiting its cultural, artistic and entertainment wealth with people I love.

I also started travelling a lot: one of the main advantage I early discovered with the age of majority!


Something you do every day to make your life better?

Enjoying my breakfast! I am in a rush during my whole day at work, so I paradoxically prefer waking up a bit earlier to take time to prepare huge “tartines” and read the feminine press. This is my girly-superficial moment of the day (I let the daily press for the metro….).


Who is your idol?/ Whom do you admire (personal/ professional)?

Number 1 is definitely Audrey Hepburn, for her timeless elegance, her altruistic engagement and the decisive role she played in my passion for cinema.

Obviously, and given my interest for media, I am also quite impressed by the path of business women who played a role in this sphere, like Amy Pascal or Zanny Minton Beddoes;  I recently discovered for instance the impressive path of  Susan Wojcicki, this ex Harvard literature student in whose garage Google was created, who used to be the SVP of Google ads and commerce, the unit that creates Google’s ad products, until becoming YouTube’s CEO.

Last but not least and for joking, can I add Birgitte Nyborg in Borgen?


What was your dream job as a kid?

I had sequentially several dream jobs; totally in love with the father of a school friend,  I first wanted to become a dentist in my younger days, before considering museum curating and auctioneering when I was a teenager.


What is your dream job now?

No dream job, but a dream career path: being able to change between several, successively or even simultaneously, accordingly to the key steps in my personal life. In any case, a job linked in which you have to meet and share with people, to make both my writing and geek skills bear fruits, so probably something close to digital strategy, new media and prospective industries.


Where can you work best?

In my bed, with a cup of tea during winter; otherwise, on the shaded terrace of my family Savoie terrace, with the mountains as co-workers!


What are you addicted to?

Randomly: the winter soup of my mother, the Time-to-sign-off newsletter, the Avene cold cream, ARTE+7 (the catch-up service of the channel), earplugs, the meteo app of my iPhone, the falafel in brot from Maroush in Kreuzberg-Berlin.


Is being addicted good or bad?

It all depends on what we call an addiction, but I think the one I previously mentioned are quite harmless J


Where do you want to travel next?

I am going to Saint Petersburg next week! This was an old-established project I am just so excited to realize! I have read so many about the city, seen so many documentaries that I only hope I will not be disappointed.

The next top 3: Israel, India, Stockholm.


The perfect outfit?

Three options

  • For daily winters : An APC jeans with a Leon & Harper pull-over and a J Crew shirt and Michel Vivien low boots.
  • For summer weekends: A Rose Anna or a Carven dress with a Mansur Gabriel bucket bag a flashy Tods moccasins.
  • For a special event: an Yves Saint Laurent suit or a Marni cocktail dress with Salvatore Ferragamo stilettos.


Instinct or logic?

I would like to answer the first one, but to be honest, I belong to the logic gang…


Describe your style!

Always casual with a touch of elegance. I like wearing classic, rare pieces that have an original detail. I am not neither a normcore, nor an extravagant look-liked woman, but I try to wear clothes that distinguish me from the mainstream fashion, and that make me look older, because I appear very young and I often do not feel credible.


Which characteristic of yourself do you like best?

My tenacity/determination.


And which do you hate?

My readiness and my impatience, which too often prompts me to bad habits, like cutting people off or earnestly questioning them when they tell a story or when we watch a movie.


What characteristic of others do you value most?

I appreciate people who are open-minded, natural, who live cheerfully.


What is the investment piece you are saving for?



Would you rather have great clothes or great food?

Great food, undoubtedly.


What are you chasing?

Currently? A driving licence and a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. This is crazy: they are just sold out everywhere!

More seriously, I am a very curious and quite insatiable person, so I am always thinking of new projects, personally and professionally, looking out for new concepts to understand, new ideas to develop, new places to discover, new people to meet.


What is the best career advice you ever got?

The one from my father, who kept reminded me this citation from René Char when I was doubting: “Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers ton risque. A te regarder, ils s’habitueront.”


What is your definition of success?

Being proud of yourself, being able to assert at any moment “If I die today, I will have accomplished everything which was very near and dear to me and whatever was in my power.” But you will hardly ever manage to say that, because I am intimately convinced the way to success is always under construction.


What inspires you?

I think I drew my best inspiration during my ballet classes; I always had good ideas and did relevant choices after two hours of dancing. To my mind, the both artistic and sportive aspects of ballet are what make this discipline so fertile for thoughts and thus so precious for a temperament like mine.


What is your biggest trophy?

Having been solicited for a first interview at 24 years old in a promising online magazine I guess!?


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