#girlpower: Jade Dregorius, Sense8 Stunt Girl


Ever wondered what kind of person is doing all the cool stunts and performances in action movies? Jade is definitely one of them, which is all the more reason to love her new Netflix show Sense8.

JADE is not just an über cool stunt girl. In her early teens, she was introduced to Buddhism and first taught by the fighting monk Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin.

Nowadays, her fighting skills are simply breathtaking and can be admired in Sense8, the new science fiction series that celebrates its world premiere on June 5. What’s really impressive, it was her very first plunge into a big ass job! The series revolves around eight strangers from around the world who suddenly find themselves mentally and emotionally linked. Each episode focuses on one character and their story, with the different plots being intertwined. You’ll find martial arts action, a cop show, a gender identity melodrama and a soapy Bollywood love story all bundled into this SciFi drama shot in Berlin, London, Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Reykjavik, Nairobi, Seoul and San Francisco.

Thor screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis wrote the show. The Wachowskis, also the show creators directed the series in collaboration with German Tom Tykwer, James McTeigue and Dan Glass.

Jade, who has Indonesian roots, stunt doubles the Korean actress Actress Bae Doo Na who plays one of the telepathically-connected protagonists. For Jade, this was simply an incredible experience. Everything that she loves suddenly fell into place: sports, traveling, stunt fighting, choreography and learning about filming techniques on set. It pretty much blew her mind to suddenly work alongside The Matrix Trilogy creators Andy and Lana Wachowskis. Hearing them say to her ‘You did a good job Jade, we see you in Nairobi!’ made her feel proud, and rightly so! Not a bad start for a 23 year old down to earth sports student, right?

Talking to her in Berlin’s best training spot Chimosa, I asked Jade if we could do the interview in English. She replied with a coy smile that her English skills are still at school level. But with a big fat grin, it was no surprise to me that Jade takes on the language challenge and gives us an insight about her stunt experience on Sense8, also offering us a glimpse into her training session. And honestly, there is nothing more charming then her broken English.

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