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Emily Ekong from STYLIGHT is not only a kickass power girl and stunningly gorgeous but also one of the coolest girls you will ever meet. Gypsetting between London, Lagos and Munich (and probably big parts of the rest of the world) she always followed her dream and now has a super successful career in fashion. We were so lucky to meet her for an interview.


What is the best thing about working for Stylight? STYLIGHT is a young company filled with driven people who have endless ideas, brilliant skills and inspiring drive. It´s not a conventional fashion- or technology company, rather a balanced mix of the two. I´m not wearing heels like I did at Condé Nast in New York, but that doesn´t stop me and the others to develop the best platform in the world for Millennial women. We´re tackling fashion from a different angle which is new to me resulting in a very interesting insight and experience here at STYLIGHT.

Your CV is quite broad – did you always have a career plan or did you just follow your heart? I think the only thread in my career plan over the years has been to work with people, with that in mind and following my heart I´ve done everything from charity work in Southern Africa and Holland, modelling internationally, worked in print in the States and

What sort of work advice would you give your younger self? Know your worth.

How important is your work/life balance for you? It´s extremely important. Working in PR can mean your social life and worklife overlap – to have a break, you need to balance that with doing things strictly by yourself or with people who have nothing to do with your work (or could be potential clients).

How do you relax after a really long day? I have my two dogs, Kip and Poes (means chicken and cat in Dutch respectively) who are my relax-mascots. We frequent Englischer Garten and Starnberger See when we´re in Munich, Vondelpark and the beaches when in Amsterdam and anywhere else green on trips. Green, fresh air and/or music are key for me to relax after a really long day. Guilty pleasure at times: Keeping up with the Kardashians is also a no-brainer relax for me at times.

What is the next big challenge in your work life? Being young, I think continuous development is my biggest challenge. I am due to go back to university to do my Masters which I will do beside working in PR.

Who are you? Emily Ekong, but my close friends and family call me Bambi.

Who will you be in five years? I´ll still be myself, but walking into a boardroom with high heels on. Public relations should also be given their place in the boardroom.

What is the best thing you have ever done? Decided to work in fashion. A business which in my background, is poorly understood and underestimated. Let´s not forget that without fashion (whether you like it or not) everyone in the world would parade around naked. Not a great idea.

Something you do every day to make your life better? Read, read, read.

Who is your idol?/ Whom do you admire (personal/ professional)? Not only are her initials her main moniker, but Lauren Santo Domingo tops my current professional admiration list.

What was your dream job as a kid? As a teenager, I used to keep these scrapbooks of people who did well. I would go through the newspaper and cut out people who had done or achieved amazing things. Depending on the day, weather and anything else I´d want to be either of them. Looking back, I think I just wanted to be successful.

What is your dream job now? Ultimately, I want to get into creative consulting. I´m working on building a credible understanding of the intellectual and progressive nature of fashion as well as getting a real grip on the commercial reality of running a fashion business.

Where can you work best? I need a desk and a big window, then I´m set.

What are you addicted to? Instagram

Is being addicted good or bad? Instagram visually inspires, but wanting to speak with hashtags in real-life shows addiction can be bad. And embarrassing.

Where do you want to travel next? ´Next´ doesn´t work for me as I have to juggle between Munich, Amsterdam, London and Lagos. But Capri and Tokyo are on my to-do list for 2015.

The perfect outfit? Good fit goes a long way. Nothing can go wrong with an outfit then.

Instinct or logic? (My own) logic.

Describe your style! Effortlessly chic built up out of designer and fast fashion. I do love my oversized stuff paired with something edgy.

Which characteristic of yourself do you like best? Loyalty: you can count on me, I deliver my promises and will keep your secrets safe.

And which do you hate? I hate that I hate cooking.

What characteristic of others do you value most? Passion, when someone is passionate (no matter for what) I want to be surrounded by them and hear their stories.

What is the investment piece you are saving for? I have a handbag obsession, something I cannot save for but will relentlessly splurge on. I want to save for a beautiful apartment now so that once I know where in the world I want to settle, I can set roots.

Would you rather have great clothes or great food? Clothes. Food is so temporary.

What are you chasing? My dreams.

What is the best career advice you ever got? Christian Louboutin once said to me: “Want it? Make it happen.”

What is your definition of success? Success means liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. Three ticks? You´re successful.

What inspires you? Passion. Passionate people, whatever they do or whoever they are, are incredibly inspiring.

What is your biggest trophy? Building my own app at the moment, that´s making me very proud of myself. Every day. It´s an incredible feeling.  I would recommend everyone to pursue something out of their 9-to-5 to fuel that personal pride.


Thank You Emily!

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