#girlpower: Antonia Coenen, Founder Of Loupe Film Production


‘It was always about showing content, I only used film as a medium’

Antonia Coenen, executive producer and mother of a three year old is the epitome of a real life heroine. She stands for everything that can be truly admired in a human being. Her trademark: BRAVE, BOLD and FEARLESS. She completed her degree in political science, sociology and film history but learning by doing and through passion and action has always been her only way. An adventurer, Coenen is used to leaving her comfort zone. Her drive: a need to protect the weaker. Her  want: to raise awareness about conservation matters, animal welfare and social grievances. Her need: peace for all living things. Her goal: to help transform the world into a better place. Her medium: film and storytelling.

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Twelve years ago Antonia Coenen founded her company LOUPE FILMPRODUKTION. For which she still works as the executive producer. She still directs as well. Her main focus: documentaries, commercial, internet content, image film.

Over the past years the LOUPE team has been working hard to challenge the human senses. By using the medium of film and storytelling, their investigative work feeds the viewer thoroughly researched hard facts and accurate information. Coenen‘s target audience: people like us, the old and new consumers. Shoppers often don’t think much about what they purchase and the consequences of their actions. But there is a glimpse of hope: the number of people who reflect on what they eat and wear is rising. It’s a hopeful trend and perhaps a growing one amongst all people. Coenen creates her work with the main goal: to raise awareness, to challenge the consumers way of thinking and their actions.

Age 26 at the time, caged Moon Bears in China became her first major calling. Once the idea of rescuing them was in her head, she had to do it. To make a difference, Coenen’s journey took her to China, later to the USA, Borneo and to the Amazon. But after years of witnessing cruelty as a first hand experience, it had left its marks. Traumatised to some extent by what she experienced, she stepped off the directors throne and concentrated more on producing. Coenen: ‘At times, I had to replace my editors, they couldn’t take it anymore. It was hard on all of us.’

To gain the necessary healthy distance from piles of disturbing content, Coenen nowadays also embraces more lighthearted work. Commercials for the GLS Bank (the first social and ecological bank in Germany), in ‘Meine DDR’ she produced together with director Jana Buchholz people in the former GDR. In her latest work she portraits ‘Shqiperia’ the land of the eagles’ – to us formerly known as Albania.

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Her straightforward and passionate approach is very striking; how she goes about and pursues her passion. Overcoming financial difficulties, the victim of stolen ideas and pitch failures made her even more creative. The risk taker has learned her lessons. But instead of holding a grudge or giving up, she moved on and turned her failures into something positive. Her resilience has paid off: 12 years later LOUPEFILM is still going strong. The documentary ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT FUR’ has won the NDR Seestern for best documentary 2014 and is nominated for several awards.

Antonia smiles at the end. She is proud of her achievement: ‘it feels really good to be able to do what you love, to have achieved something.’




Photo: Copyright Debora Mittelstaedt

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