Getting Fit In London With FRAME


For the innocent people simply walking by, FRAME must sound like some special mix of torture and drill – loud screams regularly escape the Shoreditch studio. Never ever would I have considered stepping into this lion’s den.

So FRAME and I co-existed for months with me walking by on a Saturday to get croissants and latte, wondering about what was inside and why so many fit girls walked in and crawled out.

At some point, my curiosity was so overwhelming, that I decided to book a class that uses small trampolines – who doesn’t love those?! And then the rest is pretty much history. FRAME has amazing classes with small groups and instructors that are really motivating. All the classes have cool music (from Michael Jackson and Dirty Dancing to some serious power tunes) and you will walk out on clouds. It is extremely exhausting but such a fun and positive experience!

Personal favourites of The Trophy Girls include the Jane Fonda Workout (dance and aerobic with 80s music), rebound (trampoline madness) and FRAME Barre (ballet inspired workouts). But there is everything from Yoga to Pilates to Yogilates (just kidding) to Beyonce workouts and other crazy classes. You can find everything online and it´s pretty easy to book – no membership neeeded.

After class, take a shower and try the really nice REN body wash shampoo and conditioner (!!!) they supply for free – finally a gym that gets that most women need conditioner– and then use one of their blow driers or straighteners (again: !!!) and THEN have a juice or pick up a super delicious chicken salad for dinner.

FRAME is mostly women – but there is no body shaming whatsoever. Everyone is really friendly and you basically have this no hassle gym that you can go to whenever to have some fun classes. Word of warning though  – I got hooked after 2-3 weeks and try to go every day now.


Photo credit: Frame

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