Founders Column – Time For Champagne



Fee: 7 months later and we are finally online! YAY! Franca and I are sitting in a restaurant in Kreuzberg, Berlin, having a big Schnitzel before getting ready for the big launch party. (We are planning to get really drunk with Veuve Clicquot champagne tonight so we are properly preparing by having a big, stomach-lining meal).

While eating our Schnitzel we are reflect on the past months and how it all started. We wouldn’t have made it without some people supporting us with their profound know-how and well thought advice.

It is time to say thank you to the people who made The Trophy possible, to all the people who supported us and had our back. You are fantastic, and you are all part of The Trophy.

Building an online magazine from scratch with limited coding and graphic design knowledge is only possible if you have someone like Malte, who set up the most amazing design and our programmer Bernhard, who put into practice what we were not able to. The best editor in the world, Sophie, who has been with us from the very beginning – being our #1. Having someone who understands your vision 100% and does a fantastic editing job is worth a mint. Lenny, who not only has admirable PR knowledge but also believed in us and The Trophy more than anyone else since Day 1. Johanna and Julian, who are both incredibly talented photographers and videographers and put our vague ideas into practice better than we could have ever expected. Lisa and Max, who not only allowed us to have our launch party at their atelier but also partied with us until the sunrise. All our close girlfriends (Katrin, Charlie, Luisa, Laura, Ania, Samira, Merrit, Hannah, JB, Nessi, Gina, Alex & Maya), who we constantly annoyed with user-testing, surveys and asking for feedback.

You guys are all incredible and we couldn’t be any happier to have you by our side. Thank you for everything you have done for us. The Trophy ♥´s you!




Two days ago, on April 17, our baby celebrated its first Birthday: we are a month old! Yay! Looking back, it was a pretty long and stressful month full of hysteric phone calls because of our server issues and big tears for the nicest emails we got from some of you.

Our biggest lesson learned was that doing an online magazine is stressful and probably (definitely!) the best job ever! We had the best time working with the amazing ShoeVita girls (stay tuned) and working on other projects that are still a bit secret.

We are still trying to figure things out in terms of articles and you might have noticed that Beauty and Lifestyle merged to Modern Living. We felt that we did not want to commit to articles we are not 100% proud of, so we opted for a new category that incorporates a lot of different topics. These range from travelling to eating well, working out (we’ll start) to beauty news and reviews. We also try to publish more of the articles you like and less of those that didn’t do so well. If you have some feedback drop us a line (

Also, we are still looking for contributors to join the family. If you have that little urge to write about careers, business, fashion or anything else drop us a mail. We are always happy to hear pitches and we can also give you some ideas (our lists are basically endless!).

Overall, we are incredibly excited about starting Month 2 for The Trophy and doing even more cool stuff.






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