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Fee: After the first 3 months of The Trophy things have still not become routine (thank god). Rather, they are are getting even more exciting every day.



Still only such a short time into our project and we have already had the chance to interview powerful girls who are role models not only professionally, but also personally. Due to your feedback and engagement with our #girlpower interviews we gave them more importance on site by integrating them as a category instead of presenting them as business content.

Interviewing Marie (Senior Label Manager at Spotify) was one of the highlights – she has fought her way to the top within a highly competitive and male-dominated industry. “Let your results speak for you” is her credo and can be a leading sentence for all of us; for all girls who strive to make it to the top. Read the article here.



Our small team has been growing and became even more international. The Trophy girls are spread all around the world – from Australia to Canada – adding some international spices and viewpoints to the content while we do the splits between all the time zones.

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We have Astrid Clave on board, who is full of power, creativity and fantastic ideas and will support us with shooting and writing interviews for #girlpower. She has lived almost everywhere around the world, currently commuting between Cologne and Berlin. She basically knows everyone – clearly a girl we were thrilled to welcome to our team. If you want to see her work, check our YouTube Channel or one of the interviews she did so far.


Another power girl who has joined our team is Sarah Huber. She is not only super smart (she has a background in linguistics), she is also passionate about writing and spreads her positive energy through her writing. After reading the first two sentences of her email applying to become a contributor, we knew this girl would perfectly match our vision.

Read her first article here.

Katrin Weber has added some tunes to The Trophy by setting up our Spotify playlist #girlsonstage. With her background in marketing and communication and profound experience within the music industry in Germany and the US, she knows all up-and-coming artists before anyone else and shares the secret with us.

Our French Adrienne Rey shares insights about beauty and fashion. We are thrilled to have her on board, hoping she can reveal some of the secrets behind the enviable French beauty. You can read her first article here in which she already shares some well kept secrets.



Have you tasted blood and want to become part of The Trophy Team to shape the way girls around the world experience media? Drop us a line!

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