Founder’s Column – Wanderlust


Franca: We are soon celebrating the 2-month birthday of The Trophy (yay!) and things are starting to happen!

Fee has been featured in the German ELLE as a travel blogger and is currently in NYC creating the best city guide for relaxed foodies you could ever want. I have no idea how she is still holding up The Trophy’s Berlin office (which we might have to reband into nomad office soon) but she does it. With our lovely editor now based in Melbourne, dealing with time zones is becoming the new normal.

We are also working on a number of projects with super cool partners and are so so so excited to share them with you really soon. This is sometimes super difficult because our schedules are just crazy and we are still typing up articles (almost) every night. The #girlpower series is very close to our hearts and we are talking to lots of inspiring women right now to show just how amazing they are and how much we can learn from them! To me, having role models that are approachable is extremely important but also very difficult to find. The Sheryl Sandberg’s up there are amazing idols but so far from my reality that I am constantly searching for women that have careers that seem a little more realistic to me. Kerstin from Silk is one of these women and if you know any others out there please give us a shout out!

Here in London, I am pretty busy with CEO of the future (I’m in the finale whoop whoop), about which you will hear more very soon. I went to an incredible castle for a weekend to attend workshops last month and am heading of to Berlin next week for more. It seems like we have caught a serious case of Wanderlust so keep updated about all of our adventures around the world on instagram!

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