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Two girls, one mission: redefining the online magazine world by creating content for career oriented girls. Get to know The Trophy girls and their mission:

Who are you?
Fee, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Creativity. Ambitious and curious power girl, coffee addict. After my first coffee, I’m down to change the world. Before my first coffee, I can’t even manage to spell my own name.


Who will you be in five years?
An even stronger form of myself.

What is the best thing you have ever done?
Never following the advice of pessimistic people.

Something you do every day to make your life better?
Make my bed. How can someone leave the house without making the bed? It’s the first successfully accomplished challenge of the day.

Who is your idol?/ Whom do you admire (personal/ professional)?
My sister Amelie for her discipline, Franca for her structured thinking, the Olsen twins for their style and Leandra Medine for her sense of humor and not caring about what people think.

What was your dream job as a kid?
I totally wanted to be a singer. I loved the Spice Girls and pictured myself in a girl band travelling the world for many years. Its a bummer that it turned out I definitely do not have the voice to become a singer. fee4

What is your dream job now?
A job that allows me to express my creativity, to be innovative and to follow my passion. With founding The Trophy, Franca and I pretty much managed to design our dream jobs.

Where can you work best?
Surrounded by a bunch of ambitious, smart and forward-thinking people. That´s basically all I need to be productive. If I have a kick-ass team around me, I can even work locked in a room without window.

What are you addicted to?
Travelling. I am an explorer! Putting my feet on the ground of a country/city I haven’t been to before gives me a feeling of pure happiness and excitement. I believe travelling stretches your mind to a new dimension and it is my favourite way of getting inspired personal and professional wise.

fee1Is being addicted good or bad?
An obsession is a strong form of showing emotions, which I like.

Where do you want to travel next?
On top of my travel wish list is Scandinavia! I’d love to see Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The perfect outfit?
Skinny black high-waist jeans, cashmere sweater, black leather jacket, hat and boots.

Instinct or logic?
Instinct. 100%.

Describe your style!
Modern, edgy & reduced to essential key pieces.

Which characteristic of yourself do you like best?
My courage. It probably comes from my strong optimism. fee5

And which do you hate?
I am very impatient and sometimes it would help a lot to be a bit more laid-back.

What characteristic of others do you value most?

What is the investment piece you are saving for?
Acne Pistol boots in black. Acne Loma boots in black. All Acne shoes actually. And I wouldn’t mind a few of their jeans too. Why am I such an Acne addict?

Would you rather have great clothes or great food?
Food! I’d always spend my last money to try that uber cool new restaurant.

fee3What are you chasing?
I am a travel addict. There are so many places around the world I cannot wait to discover!

What is the best career advice you ever got?
It is not always about making the right decision, sometimes it is just about making a decision. Be brave!

What is your definition of success?

What inspires you?
People with passion, following their dreams, however tough the journey is.

What is your biggest trophy?
Doubtless: The Trophy Magazine!

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