Brand To Watch: Grannitty – Knitwear Produced In Germany By Grannies


The buzzwords slow and fast fashion are on top of everyone’s agenda – it is a sensitive topic with magazines and bloggers promoting consumerism on all levels and big corporations like H&M being accusted of “greenwashing” again and again. An answer from Berlin to the slow fashion trend is the label Grannitty. The name reveals the story behind the Grannitty-Scarf_pink-3 (4)brand: Knitwear from Grannies. The idea of the girls behind Grannitty was to produce slow fashion, produced in Germany. However, they decided to put in the spotlight the ladies who know best about the craft ship of knitting. All scarfs are hand knitted by Grannies in Germany. We love the idea and the approach behind it and had the chance to interview Henriette, who is in charge of design and product.


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The Trophy Girls: We love the idea of Grannitty. Knitwear produced by Grannies. What products do you offer?

Grannitty Girls: Right now we focus on scarfs. We have our Wool Scarf (Merino Wool), which is huuuuge (280x55cm) and super cozy . That is for sure our statement piece. Also, we have our 100% Cashmere and Wool Scarfs with suede leather fringes. We offer different colors and styles in the online shop, but all products can be made in any desired color . All our colors are shown online and we love customizing!


The Trophy Girls: How did you come up with the idea?

Grannitty Girls: Well, we both follow the approach of rather buying a few upscale products instead of low quality fashion that will be worn out in a season. That’s why we use only high-end materials. Also, we wanted to offer knitwear and we thought of our Grannies who knitted scarfs when we were young. That was basically when one thing came to another.

The Trophy Girls: All scarfs are handmade upon order, right?

Grannitty Girls: Yes. That is why all pieces can be customized upon individual wishes. We have Grannies all around Germany who knit for us. We have met most of them and they are lovely women who love knitting. Most of them have learned the craft ship from their mothers and have knitted for many years.

Grannitty-Tuch_bw-3 (1)

The Trophy Girls: Right now you only sell the scarfs online. Are you aiming to sell them offline, too?

Grannitty Girls: We started off with our online shop. But yes, selling them offline is something we think about as well. Scarfs with that size and quality have a different effect if you can touch them and try them on. The sensual aspect is important. Also, we use Merino Wool, the softest of all Wools. Our Cashmere scarf is made of 100% cashmere with goat’s suede leather fringes. Every material we use is very upscale, that is very important to us. Everyone who tries the scarf is surprised by the quality we offer. Knitwear is slowly becoming cool again, but for many years it was been out of fashion, unfortunately!

Grannitty-Scarf_blue-2 (1)

The Trophy Girls: You have a little present for our readers!

Grannitty Girls: Yes! All The Trophy readers will get a 25% discount on any order until the end of the year. The code is “TheTrophyGirls” and can be used at the checkout. Happy shopping, girls! <3


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Check out some behind the scenes pictures from the Grannitty Shooting exclusively on The Trophy:

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