Benefits Of Traveling On Your Own


Travelling to new countries, eating exotics fruits, lying in a hammock all day, finally reading a book again. The best moment to do whatever we want and recharge our batteries is on holiday and, if it is supposed to really be about doing what we want, then why make compromises? Usually we spend our holidays with family and friends but why not just travel alone? Holidays should be mainly about switching off heads, sleeping in and enjoying the sun at the beach or pool. It is the time when we eat well and experience new cultures and cities. And while we are perfectly fine in our comfort zone of friends and family, travelling alone has some major benefits:


1. You can do whatever YOU want


Not only can you choose where you want to go and for how long, you are also free as a bird. Being able to wake up in the morning and planning your day based on what you feel like doing is amazing. Yes, this may feel a bit weird in the beginning as you get used to being alone without feeling lonely. However, once you overcome this feeling, you will experience the true benefits of being on your own. You will be able to relax like never before.


2. You can spend time with other people if you want to. But you don’t have to.


Meeting people when travelling alone is definitely easier than meeting people when in company. You are far more likely to make the initiative to meet other travelers and locals along your journey when alone, and the best thing is: it’s by choice. You can spend a great evening with a bunch of people you just met and have a good time, but if you want to go back to spending time on your own, just go for it.


3. You will have time for reflection and self-knowledge.


The main benefit of travelling solo is time. Time alone. You will have a lot of time to think and discover yourself. Back home, when you try to do the splits between work and private life, this time to spend on reflection can be very rare. You will be able to spend every day reflecting on your daily routine, your personality and attitudes. Travelling solo, especially for the first time, means testing yourself.


4. You can challenge yourself


All of the above mentioned things will most definitely be a challenge for you, but challenges are there to help you grow. Get out of your comfort zone, stretch your mind and learn more about yourself and your life. When facing solitude, you will not only grow bigger from it in personality, but also in confidence. Spending a few weeks every year on your own will make you stronger and happier.



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