Bath Products Are The Perfect Gift For Strangers. Here’s Why:

The universe can be cruel – especially around Christmas. Most of us have felt the despair, anger and confusion of having to buy a gift for a person we just don’t know (that well). It may be at a dinner party, through secret Santa or a myriad of other occasions but the frustration remains the same.

On the other side, receiving gifts from strangers, its not much better. On my personal hit list are a set of nail clippers, some socks in size 43, a bottle of very sweet red wine, a set of chop sticks and a lip stick in a colour that lets me look like I am a sad ghost.

This is why bath products come in handy (at least for women, men will remain a gift mystery forever). Some nice AESOP set, some Dyptique candles or simply an aromatic bubble bath can never go wrong. Bath products are decorative, for most skin concerns and everyone likes having them but never wants to buy them. Here is our top 5 selection of your Christmas savers:

Via Aesop


Via Cult Beauty


Via Rituals


Via Selfridges


Via Body Shop

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