Almost White Spring Coats To Fall In Love With


Spring is almost here and there is nothing we want more than to exchange those boring dark winter coats for their lighter spring versions. Fashion is all about re-invention and re-birth. Le sacre du printemps therefore demands that we forget about our winter cocoon and start spring with bright colours.

Even though the all-white trend is slowly fading out, these wonderful grey, off-white, light beige and even rose coats will make a great combination with some leather pants, in-sneakers and a warm cashmere jumper. The combination of a lighter-coloured coat with some darker shades of navy, berry tones or black creates a clean and sophisticated look. Add a very colourful clutch in a complementing colour as an eyecatcher!

















net-a-poter coat

















Isabel Marant via net-a-porter

































filippa k















Filippa K

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