9 Key Items: What You REALLY Need In Your Carry On


Who on earth needs three magazines and a book when travelling 15 hours? No one. Right.

Way more important: a neck pillow. Without one you will wake up in the worst agony (that is, if you manage to fall asleep at all). Not really a great start and definitely not what you need to relax.

Travelling light is sometimes clever, but you should never cut out the key pieces in your carry-on bag. That is why we have put together a list of the things that should definitely be included in your packing list.


Neck pillow – How can anyone travel long-distance without a neck pillow? How can anyone actually get a minute of sleep without a neck pillow? The pillow the airline provides is just not fluffy and cosy enough to get sleep. A neck pillow will definitely help you to get at least a few hours of sleep. We REALLY believe in neck pillows!


Ipad – Listening to music is one of the top time killers when travelling. On your Ipad you can not only store your music but also journals and books. All in one. This will help a lot with reducing your carry-on weight.

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Scarf  – Aeroplanes and air-cons… an endless struggle. Most of the time it is freezing cold due to AC. When combined with fatigue and exhausting, this can be dangerous. Avoid catching a cold by always taking a scarf. Also, if you take a big cosy scarf, it can double up as a blanket.

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Socks – Fluffy flying socks are another must on the list to make yourself comfortable when travelling. They will keep your feet warm are are far comfier to wear all flight than shoes. Mine are from my boyfriend’s mum who knits them herself. <3

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Water – The air in an plane is very dry and your body and skin are exposed to strong radiation. Hence, drinking enough water is very important. Buying a bottle after the security check is essential to stay hydrated, because those little plastic cups are never big enough.

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Snack – I don’t know why, but travelling always makes me hungry. Usually the food is gross and not healthy at all, and even if the sandwiches look good, they rarely taste. So, always have some muesli-bars in your handbag to keep you going.


Toothbrush & toothpaste – Of course, your toiletries are also essential and definitely key pieces. Toothbrush, toothpaste and some deodorant will help you freshen up before arrival.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 16.10.58










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Moisturiser – To look after your skin and make sure it doesn’t dry out, always have your face cream with you.  Even better: buy a face cream for travelling. Your skin will dry out more when travelling due to the radiation and the AC. So, when travelling a lot, consider buying a moisturiser for dry skin. Clinique’s super rescue antioxidant night moisturiser for dry skin is pretty rich and also anti-inflammatory.

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Clothes – When travelling long-distance, but especially when changing planes one or more times, ALWAYS have a separate outfit with you. Once you experience what it feels like when you arrive at your destination of choice but your luggage is headed to the other side of the world, you will understand the importance of a second outfit.


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