8 Skirts With The Right Length For Everything


During adolescence, skirts that had to be long enough to end a hand-length over the knee seemed like a cruel and ancient rule from an all-girls school, so throwing them in the darkest corner of our closets only to come out for a visit to our grandparents felt like the right thing to do. Mini skirts and leather shorts just seemed so much more interesting. Especially with half-naked popstars and models everywhere, those seemingly uber long skirts made you feel so dressed up. While the mini skirt really is a great piece of clothing and showing off your legs is lots of fun, the skirt with just the right length makes you feel less like a rebellious teenager or femme fatale and more like an elegant powerhouse, which can be quite alright at times.

They use to seem boring, but the wisdom of the girls’ schools and grandmothers is not lost forever. Wearing a skirt with just the right length has some serious advantages:


  1. You can wear hideous underwear because no one will see it
  2. You (should) have a greater scope of movement even if you wear pretty Stella McCartney thongs
  3. You look grown up but not boring and somehow strong and independent
  4. They are versatile in styling, perfect for cocktail events with some statement accessories and great in the office with a white shirt.



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