7 Unexpected Fashion Lessons You Learn From Living In New York City


NYC is the fashion mecca of the cool kids, the fashionistas and the trend setters. Bushwick muppies, glamourous UES girls and the cool downtown chicks are dominating the street style of the city. When you actually live in the city rather than just visiting, you quickly realise that there are some fashion lessons to learn you would have not expected.

So you don’t have to learn them the hard way, we are sharing them with you:


1. Layering is not a trend in NYC, it is a way to survive. Temperature in the morning: 20 degree Celsius, temperature in the office: 15 degreesCelsius, outside temperature when you leave to get lunch: 35 degrees Celsius. Welcome to New York.

2. Sneakers will be your best friend once you realise that “just a few blocks” can feel like walking to the end of the world. Carrying a pair of comfy shoes for the commute is a NYC-thing and leads us to our next lesson:

3. Your bag is your second home. Forget about small bags and get a big one in which you can carry basically everything you need for a few days.




4. Make Up: During summer temperatures in NYC sometimes climb up to 36 degrees and humidity is high. You will sweat. If you don’t want to see your face running off, carry some beauty products to refresh your make up. Alternatively, just give up wearing make up.

5. Oh, and talking about the heat – in New York you will quickly figure out the difference between clothing materials. There is a massive difference between polyester and cotton. Trust us.

6. Never ever ever wear heels unless you can REALLY walk in them. First reason: a few blocks is not a stone’s throw and every New Yorker can walk in her heels, so you’ll blow the cover of belonging there.

7. Always carry accessories/clothes to get changed to spice up your office outfit. In NYC you never know where the day will end up (after work drinks is probably the case). If you need inspiration we have some simple tricks to turn your business outfit into a stylish afterwork outfit within seconds. Click here.


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