6 must-see contemporary art museums around the world


Strolling around a museum on a Sunday morning, early enough to avoid the first rush of visitors is one of the most luxurious things in the world. Museums have this certain energy, filled with carefully selected art by the utmost talented geniuses. You probably won’t ever fully understand the thoughts an artist had while creating but this leaves space for your own interpretation. It is a bit like daydreaming. Stretch your mind and get inspired. 


Boros Collection



A museum that presents contemporary art in a Bunker is something you won’t find in many cities. The Boros Bunker is a private collection combining art and history. It is a relict of the Second World War and was built as a protection space for the civilian population. Today, it functions as a museum featuring only contemporary artists like Alicja Kwade and Ólafur Elíasson. The art collection includes installations, photography and videography, as well as drawings and sculptures. Artists curate their pieces themselves, often using sounds. This creates a really special and unique experience for visitors. The collection is owned by Christian Boros, who lives in a penthouse on the top floor of the bunker (this is unfortunately not open to visitors, reservation required).

Boros Collection Berlin



Moma detail


The first Museum that comes into ones mind when thinking of contemporary art in New York is the MoMA. But you probably haven’t heard of the MoMA PS1? The MoMA is one of the oldest and largest non-profit contemporary art institutions in the US. Its Brooklyn outlet MoMA PS1 is an exhibition space displaying some of the most experimental art worldwide. It supports innovation in contemporary art, installations, music and performance. Housed in an old warehouse building, the exhibition rooms are all classroom-sized and worn down. The courtyard is spacious and is used for enormous installations and sculptures.



Frieder Burda Musuem

FB detail


One of the architectural masterpieces of Richard Meier, who is famous for incorporating natural light into the design of museums. The art collection includes more than 850 pieces of contemporary and classical modernists (not all of them permanently displayed), complemented by changing exhibitions. Just like the MoMA PS1, the Burda family understood the need of creating a museum where the art is presented in a spectacular space. Baden-Baden isn’t exactly an “in” destination, but the Frieder Burda Museum is definitely worth a visit.

Frieder Burda Museum



Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi detail


Located in trendy Chelsea, this gallery is definitely a must-see off the tourist track. Saatchi Gallery presents innovative contemporary art by largely unseen young artists from the UK and international artists whose work has rarely, or never, been exhibited in the UK. The gallery operates as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers. Like nowhere else, you can discover the next big superstars at Saatchi.

Saatchi Gallery


M97 Gallery

m97 detail


Located at No. 97 Moganshan Road, an area that is home to dozens of galleries and artists studios, M97 Gallery exhibits contemporary and fine art photography. M97 has shaped the understanding and appreciation for the history and art of photography like no other Gallery in China.

M97 Gallery



Bau Xi Gallery

baux xi detail


The Bau-Xi Gallery has been recognised as one of Canada’s most highly regarded art spaces. It aims to create a showcase for emerging and established Canadian artists. Both national and international artists are exhibited on a monthly rotation.

Bau Xi Gallery


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