5 Tricks To Go From Business To Stylish Within Seconds

Outfit change after work

When you are busy having it all, time can become a bit of a luxury. Juggling a career, a life and friends can be really hard. Always trying to look good and appropriate for different occasions makes this juggling act even more of a challenge. How do you look appropriate for after-work drinks with friends when you go straight to the bar from the office? Showing up in a classic suit is a bit weird, but there are some simple tricks that can completely change an outfit. So the good news is even if you have to stay late at work finishing a project, you can still show off at your friend’s dinner party.


Leather jacket

Not only that owning a black leather jacket is a must-must-MUST have in general, it can also turn your look from “ready for business” into “cool Swedish girl” in seconds. Simply exchange your blazer for a biker jacket and you’re ready.

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High Heels

High heels are a girl’s ultimate weapon for looking sexy and strong. Always have a pair of heels at the office and you will be ready to spontaneously go out after work. If you wear black pumps during the day, simply go for something a bit more daring and fun like some Charlotte Olympia heels (or their Zara copy).



Red, dark or bright lipstick colours sometimes are a bit too much during the day.They are however great as a super last minute makeover in the cab. Red is the ever-popular colour, berry tones or even brown will make you look very edgy and bright colours such as pink and orange will make you look a little more girly and playful.

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All black

Even though a white shirt is always great for the office, it needs a lot of styling to look good on a dance floor. To make a suit look stylish, swap the shirt for a black silk or high quality cotton t-shirt instead to be ready for a dinner and drinks. After work put a on a big statement necklace, some bracelets, some lipstick, and voila!


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