“5 Pieces French Wardrobe” And 5 Killer Pieces For This Season


Who hasn’t heard of the 5 piece French wardrobe concept by now? Right, no one. But who has actually tried it – at least for a season? Well, strolling around all the shops and checking all new seasonal pieces online before finally deciding which 5 pieces to buy takes time. A lot of time.

To set the record straight for those who don’t know what we are talking about: the French came up with this uber-cool concept of only buying 5 new (on trend) items each season. It makes perfect sense that this idea came from France, as the French have mastered the clean, chic style and are notoriously minimalistic.

We put in the effort for you (you are very welcome) and chose 5 killer pieces, and we would not be The Trophy if we didn’t pick pieces you could wear in the office. If your budget for clothes is still limited and you have just started off your career, this approach may work for you. Spending money on a very few quality pieces, rather than buying many cheap ones, will not only make you look more sophisticated, but will also make sure you have quality pieces in your wardrobe that are comfy and look adorable.

So, ladies, check out our 5 killer pieces for the upcoming season:


FFIXXED – Flow through Blazer – Navy




MM6 – V Neckline Blouse Dress



ODEUR – Long shape shirt – White



SANDQVIST – Marianne – Cognac



HAN KJØBENHAVN –  Doc Clip-On raven



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