5 fundamental makeup investments

Make up investments

Day and Night lipstick

A lipstick that suits your complexion, eye and hair color is an easy touch-up that can be done in seconds. Get at least one lipstick for the day – a nude nuance or a decent colour – and another for the evening. An all time favourite is, of course, red. Depending on the season, darker berry shades or a fresher coral might also become your everyday all rounder. Carry it around in your purse, you never know when you might need it! The lipstick is simple but effective.


Neutral and intense cheek colour

Cheek colour is another must-have for every girl, especially after you have applied foundation or tinted-moisturiser, as whilst these even your complexion they also ‘flatten’ your features. Make sure you have two colours in your makeup wardrobe: a neutral shade for everyday wear (such as a peach tone) and a more intense colour for those great nights out.


Clump-free mascara

A cheap mascara is not determined by its price but by its quality. A cheap one will thicken over time, leading to clumps. Clumps of mascara in your lash line look very unkempt and, even though it could be the latest look on the runway, this doesn’t translate well into the real world. Buy one that will make your lashes look naturally full and long. Curling them beforehand helps open up the eye, making you look more brighter and more awake.


Dark eyeliner

Eyeliner is an essential piece in your makeup bag. The type of eyeliner to use depends on your look and what you can manage the best (this could be liquid, pencil or gel). The same rule that works for the lipstick applies here: when spontaneously heading to a dinner party after work, some black eyeliner will help update your look. For everyday use, a grey or brown eyeliner helps define the eyes without overdoing it.


Magical concealer

Late nights at the office followed by early meetings and calls? Well, that is our kind of day. During busy times, sleep often becomes a rare luxury and those circles and puffy under-eye bags become a permanent feature. Whilst some say that a girl’s best friend is diamonds, we actually think it’s a good concealer. Look for concealers that are long-lasting. You may also need more than one for different parts of the face, e.g. the concealer tone needed for under eye bags needs to offset the blue tones, whilst concealer for spots and imperfections need to offset the red tones. If you are still hunting for the perfect concealer, we have found it for you: The 5 best concealers to help you look fresh after an all-nighter.


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