5 Beauty Do’s At Work


There are a lot of things that can go wrong with makeup at the office, so we thought it might be time for a little encouragement and celebration of all the cool things you can do right. In general, it’s important to remember that less is more, and also that your capabilities and hard work should be the main focus!


Perfect your nude look

Invest in a good primer photo finish from smashbox, or Revlon PhotoReady for half the price. Dewy foundations like Chanel Aqua Source or YSL Touche Eclat are great. Set some highlights around your cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin (The RMS beauty one is amazing) and perfect the look with a little bronzer from David Sanders. This will make you look fresh, healthy, and as if you’re not wearing makeup at all. A good primer is appropriate for any office setting. Add a little mascara and blush for an even fresher look.

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Get it here: Chanel

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Get it here: RMS


Don’t be afraid of a good statement colour

Purple or a bright orange aren’t really the best choices for conservative settings, but a classic red or even a slightly darker shade are classy and totally appropriate. After setting focus on your lips, let your eyes shine with nude colours and some mascara. Avoid darker tones so your colleagues don’t think you have mistaken your weekly 4pm for a party.


Moisturise all the time

Always have a good moisturiser at hand, particularly in the winter when moving between air-conditioned offices and the cold outside wreaks havoc on your skin, leaving it dry. Moisture Surge from Clinique is water-based and will disappear in seconds leaving the skin soft but not greasy.

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Get it here: Clinique


Have a beauty box

If you don’t want to carry around your entire makeup arsenal but still want to be prepared for beauty emergencies, having a little bag with all the essentials might be a good idea. These should include a hair brush, a nail file, some nail polish (tip: nail polish is great for stopping ladders in your tights progress any further; opt for clear), some foundation, deo, moisturiser, a mascara and dry shampoo. This way, you can also still look great even if you sneak in late after a long night.


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