10 Reasons Why Participating In Talent Meets Bertelsmann Is The Best Thing Ever


Since the 23rd of March the application round for Bertelsmann’s case study competition “TMB” has opened again. As we, Fee and Franca, met at TMB 2014 and won the 1st prize, it thrills us to convince you to apply for TMB 2015!


Here is why:


1. Meet the C-Levels from Bertelsmann and all its subsidiaries – perfect platform to network like a pro

You present your case study to Thomas Rabe (CEO of Bertelsmann), as well as all CEO’s of the Bertelsmann subsidiaries. Discussing your concept with Julia Jäkel (Gruner+Jahr) and all other CEO’s is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get feedback about your presence on stage and your ability to persuade others while having a glass of wine with Julia Jäkel.



2. You can test your skill set among like-minded people

It’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond. At TMB you will get the opportunity to meet people from top business schools with super impressive CVs. It is a competition, but it is also an awesome way to bond with people and make new friends.



3. It has a fantastic reputation and is a great addition to your CV

Participating in such competitions is a great way to network and to boost the awards section of your CV. It shows that you have initiative, interest and passion.


4. Applying is easy: send in your CV and write a one-page letter of motivation

Every career girl has her CV ready to be send out at any time anyways, right? Writing a one-page letter of motivation is done in an afternoon and you are ready to go. What could hold you back? Also, you don’t have to wear pants as the interview is via online video.


5. Work with smart people from all around the world and stretch your mind

Students from all around the world are welcomed to apply. The diversity of participants at TMB is impressive. You can work together with ambitious people from China, discuss your idea with a participant from New York and get insights about how someone from South America understands new media.



6. Shape the digital future: all cases are real and you can be part of shaping the future of media

As all cases are real, you are invited to make a difference. If you manage to come up with a brilliant idea and present it convincingly, Bertelsmann will consider it further and might even put it into practice. Forget about fictional case studies and get ready to shape the future of one of the worlds most successful media companies.


7. Work Hard, Play Hard

Talent Meets Bertelsmann is, first and foremost, a case study competition, but the media industry knows how to throw big parties! After two days of hard work, strong drinks will be mixed and there will be awesome live performance (they own a record label after all) and dancing.



8. Great case studies and in-depth insights into the media industry

You will be provided with in-depth information about the Bertelsmann company. Get ready to soak in tons of information about the industry and how a major player like Bertelsmann works. This is hands-on experience that you will hardly get anywhere else.


9. Paid trip to Berlin (TMB final) and if you are lucky enough to be among the winners another trip to London/Paris/New York with your team

The finale is taking place at Bertelsmann’s impressive and representative villa in the middle of Berlin and will be two days of working and enjoying the city. If you are lucky enough to convince the judges with your concept, you will also be invited on a trip to London/Paris/New York or any other hot travel destination around the world (prizes 1-3). On our trip to London, we met superstars like Will.I.Am, listened to the impressive speech of Arianna Huffington and the dinner speech of the handsome and funny Jamie Oliver. Sounds like fun? It is!



10. Get a job

Every participant gets a one-on-one with a Bertelsmann recruiter that can quickly turn into a job. In those 30 minutes, you get feedback and discuss career opportunities. For lots of members in our team this also lead to callbacks and, ultimately, to really cool jobs around the world.


Here is the link: Apply now


Photos: Bertelsmann

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